Friday, 20 September 2013

Leyland...and Centurian tanks

I have recently moved back "home" well back to Lancashire where I spent my youth, it is good to be home. Driving down one of the (new to me) by passes I had to do a double take because plopped by the roadside is a Centurian tank!

Within minutes my son was looking around this still impressive vehicle placed as a monument and reminder to the people who produced them in Leyland back in the day. Confirmation that this is indeed a cool town!


  1. I'm busted! I think that you may have visited Tim! OK not cool just cooler than were I used to live....

    1. I've never visited - I know the place only as a sign on the M6...

  2. Cool find! Theres a place out in the sticks near Redditch that has a T34 (I think) parked outside :D

  3. Most tanks seem small when you get to play on them!