Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Laser Etching

Hi Chaps,

Has anyone seen the blog where a chap has made buildings for the fall of Berlin in WW2? I think he is from Germany...anyway on his blog he describes how he makes the molds for his amazing buildings....the templates are laser etched onto thick card.

Has anyone done this? I am keen to find out more because I will go mad if I have to draw another brick onto foam card! Mixing resin is surely a much easier task...has anyone any tips or links to a step by step guide?

Thanks in advance if anyone can come up with something....I am currently making a tower where I intend to hole up for the winter! Pics will be taken as it progresses....cutting up cereal boxes is also time consuming and monotonous so I will enlist the help of my boy tonight...slave labour?

The above picture shows what foam card and plasticard can do, sorry but I cannot remember where I got the pics from but this work is very inspirational even if you don't play 40K


  1. I take it you mean The Lazy Forger (http://www.thelazyforger.com/tutorials/wwii-facade/)? If so, I'm in the process of working out some plans so I can try this as it looks like a really interesting approach.

  2. Hey thanks Paul, I will take a look at this chap, there seem to be laser engravers in every town but I have not approached one yet. Thanks again.

  3. Another great option is there is a company in the US Micro Mark and they make a fantastic line of peel and stick realistic texture sheets. I use the HO ones for my 20mm buildings and the O Scale for my 28mm Buildings and the stuff is fantastic. Each pack has 4 6"x9" sheets