Friday, 13 May 2011

Lost posts...

Hi Chaps,
seems blogger has had the gremlins but Im not complaining as its free! Anyway my post on removing flash has disapeared into the ether so I will post something similar again in the near future. In the mean time can I pass on my thanks to the chap who recommended the Great Northern War period from Zvezda? If you are in need of a miniature fix then spare a few minutes drooling over what has happened to the 1/72 scale model soldier!

Hope that the Plastic Soldier review site dont get heavey with me for using their pics (dont sue please I have nothing!). The only improvement I could think of is if the figures were available in bags of say 100....maybe it could save on packaging and sprue plastic could be recycled at source? I'm trying to be constructive and just thinking outloud..
Have a good weekend chaps

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