Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Well blogger is still being wierd, I would love to respond to the comments but it sends me loopy-literally! Anyway thanks for the comments-I do like to read them and get guidance from others-indeed the comment about Strelets not being the best quality was correct. I feel that these minis have some character rather like Irregular Miniatures, it even occured to me that they are like Ian Kays sculpting, this is a compliment as I have bought from Irregular for years and I like them immensley.

Anyway I completed the first company of Russian Civil war figures from Strelets and it was a war of attrition just to get them off the sprues. I have another company undercoated and based but I think I would hesitate to paint any more of these at the moment as they are untidy even when you have taken care painting them. The Turks are a work in progress and they are much easier to paint, once the Hat figures have been coated in PVA and undercoated they are hard enough. To aid in handling I try to use a thick base-I buy these from East Riding Miniatures who have an excellent mail order service.

I will have to work on my photos...included is a pic of Chitraporn, she is due back from Thailand at the end of the week. Thanks for looking .


  1. They don't look too bad, keep it up.

  2. While the Strelets figs have lots of character, I found the plastic a complete pain to work with. So much so that I never got around to finishing them.

    Perhaps you might want to augment your forces with some metals from B&B?

    Nice painting by the way.

  3. The figures look fine to me, I'm still having trouble with blogger too, I normally use Google Chrome, but I've switched back to Internet explorer, try swapping servers, it may help!

  4. Nice painting .. However, the mold looks good