Thursday, 19 May 2011

New build...almost complete

Hi Chaps,
last night as I sat next to my boy as he slept I made this little building. I have yet to paint the window and front door...and the plumbing needs attention but basically it will work on the tabletop and cost less than a pound to make. It is rather relaxing making these little terrain pieces and who knows one day I may even be able to use them in a game.

Sorry its a bit pic heavy but I wanted to show the process which is fairly simple. Table mats from charity shops make good bases...Any one used Strelets figures? They look pretty good and chunky, I dont like spindly horse legs! The Strelets figures look substantial-what do you chaps use?


  1. Nice looking self build mate, I am looking into it myself for a medieval castle inner wall bit.
    The strelets are an aquired taste, I hate them for dio's, but for war gamming you can't go wrong.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Not a bad little building at all, I like it. I also like the "how-to" sequence of pics. I always appreciate seeing the process, so I get to learn something!

  3. Nice work, simple is best sometimes, especial for terrain and building.

    Keep it up

  4. Thanks chaps it heartens me to hear your words! I look forward to seeing how the castle comes along.