Sunday, 8 May 2011

Removing Flash from Plastic figures

I have completed two companies of my late war German infantry and feel as though I am finally finding a way of painting these little chaps without going blind or bankrupt! Unfortunatley I tried to remove the mould lines on them using a modelling looked to have been succesful until I undercoated the figures-it seems I had simply folded the excess plastic out of sight.

Anyway here is a link to watch a master remove flash Now given that I have been saving pictures of other peoples work I maybe tempted to try Black Powder in 20mm. The rules allow for big bases which will help prevent damage to the figures and they should play solo fine. Together with the cheapness of the figures I am sorely tempted!

Have a good time with whats left of the weekend and keep posting pics of your work-I need to copy it-sorry use it for reference!


  1. Very nicely done. Nicely based too.



  2. Nice look !! You make a great work !!!

  3. Removing flash is a crappy but needed job.They are looking great.

  4. Thanks chaps, I will be using a needle and tea light to remove flash in future! Trying not to order some HAT colonials or Russian Civil war...