Saturday, 14 May 2011

Online help

I was just having a look around the web before I travel out to my local toy shop (Im in the back of beyond so no model shop here!). I am extremely impressed with Wills wargame blog, please take a look at this most of you have probably already visited this great blog, I certainly like the use of 20mm plastics-and they look good! (for some reason its not ever given me the option to follow?).

Above is a pic of my painting spot...the model cars are picked up at car boot sales for if I ever start a back of beyond game. The brushes were brought back from Thailand and are excellent quality, the giant came from a boardgame and the US troops have still not been painted-maybe tomorrow.


  1. You can still follow the site, copy his web address, then sign in if your not already. Goto Design, then press edit on your "Blog's I follow" link. Then press add a link and paste his web address. Hey presto your following him.

    If you know all this already, take a big sigh and call me a nosey prat!!

  2.´re a nosey prat! ;-D
    Duncan used to remove flash using the needle and holding it in his fingers!! I do this but stick the needle in an old wine cork...not the plastic ones, the proper old cork corks like we used to have when we was nippers and it was all trees aroung here :-D

    The flea market vehicles look good btw.

  3. Paul you have a stash of red wine corks the size of your soldier collection mate!you have to have an exscue for having so many.
    Cheers for the blog info Carl.

    Cheers Rich.

  4. Thanks chaps! I will try and follow his blog like instructed...Im a dummy with all this! Just spent a day watching the discovery chanel....will be dreaming of Panthers tonight!