Tuesday, 19 April 2016

10MM Russian Civil War

Hi Chaps,

I recently purchased my first ever pdf ruleset. It was a landmark moment that confirmed that I am actually participating in the digital age, albeit so that I could print out the rules on good old paper!? The rules in question were from Too Fat Lardies called "Triumph of the Will" and have a couple of interesting mechanisms that should be entertaining. I had never come across this company before but the rules are great and downloaded no fuss.

To go with the rules I needed some figures that could be painted quickly so I decided on Pendraken 10mm and the Russian civil war. Maybe it was me but the figures seemed to take longer than I expected to paint simply because there was more detail than I ever thought could be put on a model only 10mm high!

The bases are numbered so that I can keep a roster for recording casualties, in 10mm this lot cost around £15.00 in 28mm it would have been more like £50.00 and I would still be painting the first company! If only I was rich and immortal though it would be 28mm every time.

This has been an interesting experiment but I cannot say that I enjoyed painting these little men but that is all my fault as I felt outside my comfort zone. Another £15.00 would be enough figures to have a game....but then £30 buys a lot of plastic from fleabay which as a financially challenged gamer is my preferred option

It would be interesting to see what you haps think.

Cheers and keep blogging


  1. Yes, I know what you mean about detail on Pendraken 10mm figures. I began an ECW project last year and found the cavalry have stirrups, the foot have ribbons on their britches, and the drummers' sleeves are decorated. Had I time, space and money I'd also opt for 28mm, but we wargamers are an impatient breed.

    1. Yes A J the figures are so detailed that they are not speedy to paint! But....they are cheap!

  2. I admire your brushwork Sir, I'm not sure I could cope with something that small!

    1. Too small really for me as well Michael, it was an experiment....back to expensive 28mm I think

  3. Very nice indeed


    Take care