Sunday, 17 April 2016

Pilot Officer Varras 40K

Hi Chaps,

Just a very quick update on a glorious day of sitting around painting! I recently bought from ebay the "Battle for Macragge" set, principally for the crashed space ship terrain which was unpainted. Inside came a dozen space marines under coated thick black and Varras. The creatures were untouched as was the two rulebooks-it was a bargain.

Anyway, not much I could do with the marines or poor old Varras so they got a quick lick of paint-I am going to experiment with the ship....ebay does have the occasional good buy on it after all.

I now own a fair number of Space Marines but still never played a game! I do own a couple of rule sets but prefer the older "Oldhammer" one but I still need stats for the figures...Games Workshop and the codex sales idea really grinds my gears.

Keep blogging Chaps.


  1. Lovely additions to the ever growing collection.

    1. Thanks Michael. The collection is at around 200 figures that I will always keep, the biggest problem is displaying them.

  2. I refuse to pay GW prices for rules and codices so I downloaded them off the web for free. Its hit and miss what editions you can get but if you're not playing in store it won't matter. Now I must get round to actually playing the game!