Monday, 25 April 2016

Games Workshop are back in their groove

Hi Chaps,

As a vague fan of Games Workshop (I love the figures but hate the prices and methods) I have to give them credit for Age of Sigmar. Now it seems that they have gone even further by adding a points system to the game and a narrative type of to download for free!

Obviously the hope is that this will drive figure sales (I am sure that it will not least because I will buy from them) but maybe there is more to this? Possibly someone at GW is actually listening to their customers and we will see some real developments with the gamer/collector in mind rather than the share holder?

Here is a link which explains all this far better than I can....

Without any doubt for me Games Workshop are the best figure manufacturer around (stiff competition from Copplestone though) and the way they actually complete their ranges is an example to the other companies out there. Long live the new Games Workshop!

These guys are on my wish list....just watch me get sued for using this image now that I have given GW praise!

Keep blogging Chaps and let me know what you think of the changes at GW.


I have never felt the need to do this before but please do have a watch of this Youtube video. Wargaming attracts bright minds (it's a fact - we are all bright! ?) but this young man has produced a great video on which he paints well and explains the Will, Might and Fate in the Lord of the Rings ruleset....what a dude!



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  2. Not sure about it helping sales. You can only pay $100 USD for so many miniatures.

  3. Your right Deano but it is where you spend the $100 that matters to them. I joined the solo gamers channel and will have a watch tonight, thanks for the link.

  4. I'm going to look at that video. I used to play LotR with my son (until he discovered lady rowers)but we never played the Will. Might and fate rules!