Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sigilist book club

Hi Chaps,

It could only happen in 28MM but I seem to have gathered a book club together! I started with the Scibor guy long before I had the Frostgrave set and things went from there....I like reading myself so figures holding a book seem great!

Ferom left to right, Reaper metal, Northstar, Northstar, Scibor and then a Reaper bones. I am not sure what to do with them all but as backdrop figures they are fine. The Frostgrave soldiers that i put together this week are fun and the illustrations in the book help with the colour scheme.

Pretty much a warband in a few painting sessions including the snipping and gluing....they look decent though I suspect others will be spending hours on fine detail as so few figures are needed?

I am really rather keen to play Frostgrave and if pushed I could form another band of desperate types from my existing figure collection. Part of the fun for me though is thinking of a background for the mini as I paint it. The brothers Grimm have always fascinated me and here they are in miniature, complete with a strip of red clothe taken from the saintly remains of a cardinal....

A work in progress! These two less than handsome chaps will stand in for the brothers, the guns will simply have the same rules as I play solo there will be no complaints!

Keep blogging Chaps, I believe Salute is in full swing which is great as the new releases at the show always push the hobby forward.


  1. That book club is a scream and the Grimm have really come along.

    1. My local library has the most unbelievable reading group....a very strange bunch that could make these look normal

  2. Nice paint job on the soldiers. Getting mine painted has been a slog.