Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Plastic Fellowship arrives...most of it

Hi Chaps,

Well today was a good day. Everyone healthy and happy and as a bonus the Fellowship popped over! Unfortunately Legolas is minus half his bow and either Merry or Pippin was snapped at the knees (I know how that feels!) but he got fixed.

The casting seems very good and I can hardly wait to slap some paint on them. The small bases with clay "rocks" or flooring on them were meant for a couple of the heroes...but I am an idiot and forgot about them and glued my chaps in place on ordinary bases-that's what drinking beer for years does to your sober mind!

So...the rocky bases will be used on some more plastics that should arrive this week....Legolas will have to be bought again (no big loss as this pose is bland) and I have plenty to paint for not much money. Not a bad hobby if one is careful it does not cost too much either.

Keep blogging Chaps all my ideas come from you!


  1. What a great set of miniatures - fabulous find.

    1. Thanks Michael, they can be found cheap now, around £10 which is not bad because they are good quality

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay, second hand figures help keep my hobby ticking over. New figures are a treat but it is no hardship.