Thursday, 7 April 2016

15MM Houses Completed and making room

Hi Chaps,

The pizza base houses are finished at last...they hung around my workspace for a few days but mainly this was just to allow for the glue to dry before the quickest of paint jobs. Four 15MM Indian type houses for a pound or less! As a total cheapskate/parent this gives me immense pleasure!

Also I will be putting most of the 28mm Perry MoR on fleabay to make room for another purchase.

I enjoyed painting these little fellows but the very fine detail drove me mad! This year I am determined to actually play some games and paint more Warhammer Empire troops....and some smaller scale figures. It is a big list but a start has been made. Are there any good figures out there compatible with GW Empire figures?

Well I had best be off, son to feed, shopping but best of all when everyone is resting I have some figures to paint!

Keep blogging lads (and lasses) I need your ideas to steal.


  1. Nice little houses there.

    1. Thanks AJ, they need some weathering but at 15mm I am not sure if I should bother with it.

  2. All great, but those houses are just brilliant!

  3. The houses look great finished, weathering will make them look more real I guess but that can be done later once all your other bits have been made. That way you can play some games

  4. Great looking houses and figures, beautiful job!

  5. Sweet looking buildings! You have done well.

  6. Thanks Guys, they cost pennies to make. Next time I will try something more elaborate.