Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Good Wife and an improving Games Workshop.

Hi Chaps,

I have been busy on the hobby front mopping up bits and pieces before embarking on any new projects. There are still a few zombies left to fill a few painting hours but the last of the Space Marines and 20mm Taliban have been completed (actually that is a lie I have around 20 left but they are not undercoated).

This led me to begin thinking about my next project and to my own shock I am thinking of buying the Age of Sigmar handbook. Games Workshop impressed me earlier this year by providing free online rules and army lists and the book now makes this whole "thing" seem even more attractive. Indeed the starter set may follow the book purchase-Games Workshop have really upped their game as far as I am concerned......

....which also led to me buying some Conquest Normans and infantry (hence the Good Wife) just to fill out my medievals -these will be OK for Lion Rampant and Age of Sigmar. Playing solo has the advantage that no one cares what a Bretonnian in my house will look like!

As you can see my desk is a bit random at the moment-the Marines are just odds that someone had painted very thick black-in future any of these odd figures will be painted in this colour scheme to remind me where they started from. It is odd but I seem to end up with a few GW Marines every year?

The motorcyclist is from Grubby Tanks which is a fantastic company-their products are instantly recognisable and full of character.

Well, I hope that Second City (from whom I ordered the plastics on ebay) have just as good a delivery schedule as Mr Grubby.........if so next week will be better than expected.

Keep blogging Chaps!


  1. Excellent work, really Carl! I particularly like the Taliban "dicker" good stuff 😁

    1. Thanks Monty, 20mm is a stress buster as they are easy to paint, the old Britannia range are especially good fun.