Monday, 15 August 2016

A Horus Boss

Hi Chaps,

I had some free time this morning and finished this figure which has been lurking on my desk for months. I have no idea who or what he does-he is from the Betrayal at Calth set that my eldest kindly bought me. There are enough figures on my shelves for an army now....I just need a walkthrough of the rules to start playing 40K. I have several rulesets dating back to the 80s but have always been put off playing against others because I am not paying for codex X,Y and Z just to know what my opponent can do!

Time GW took 40K down the Age of Sigmar route I think.

There are 10 more marines on their sprues waiting to be assembled to be honest I can't look them in their little plastic lenses just yet. I have been hunting for plastic Bretonnians on ebay but I would have to sell a body part to afford some of them....rarity really does seem to be driving the prices of these figures.

Keep blogging Chaps!


  1. Cracking job and a nifty photo booth to.

    1. Thanks Michael, photography in this scale is difficult and time permitting I will learn more.

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    1. Thanks Simon, Games Workshop are growing on me because of Age of Sigmar-I hope they do the same to 40K

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    1. Thanks Jacko, he has 33 marines etc to back him up and I don't even play the game. Just great figures to work on

  4. That looks great to me. Like the light box too. May well make up one myself.