Thursday, 18 August 2016

Old Games Workshop Figures bought cheaply

Hi Chaps,

The current run on my household pound continues so I have had to get creative and expand my horizons-or is that lose some of my prejudices? At one time (which lasted more than a quarter of a century!) I would never have considered a fantasy game, although I did try D+D. Then we got Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant and I learned to relax a bit. (If this goes on I will be a tree hugging hippie in 150 years or so).

Anyway as I like painting but have very little disposable income I searched for fantasy figures and found some 4th or 5th edition Elves. It turns out that these are great sculpts but unfortunately they seem to have been painted more than once and then undercoated again. As I was a "real" wargamer I missed these the first time around and how I regret that missed opportunity! Did you know that a "bad" elf army has dudes riding dinosaurs!?

Here are a few pics of the Elves as they were painted, they are currently awaiting their bases being completed-the command will be undercoated tomorrow and hopefully join the oddball rank and file. The figures cost 40P this rate I will have an army to fight my Templars in a few weeks and they may just scrape passable in my cabinet.

The Goblins have been in a drawer for around forever and they seem to have painted up OK, there are lots of them, (did they breed?). The units are small but can be expanded now at my leisure though I am definitely going to purchase some witches and the cool dino riders who may well get some female heads just to add to the craziness.

Take a bow Games Workshop, I will use Age of Sigmar rules and war scrolls to get stats for the elves-thank goodness the codex thing is dead. I do hope that 40K gets the Sigmar treatment next-it means that I could afford to play it.

Sorry about the long post, keep blogging Chaps!


  1. Thanks Neil, they were cheap and this is probably their fourth paint job

  2. Looking good and fabulous bargain. I am also thinking of sourcing a 4th Edition army only a small one. I am yet to decide on a faction but my eyes are peeled on the trading groups for a bargain.

    1. The figures are quite well sculpted Simon and they can be found cheap as they are out of fashion unless you play "Oldhammer". I would just say unless you are prepared to strip the figures stay away from ones that are heavily painted.