Thursday, 25 August 2016

Pizza (base) Hut.

Hi Chaps,

A few hours yesterday were spent cutting and scribing some extruded styrene into the shape of a cabin. Household tester pots provided colour and the base was a random piece of mdf. In all this item just cost me the time to make it...maybe pennies.

So now my 28mm adventurers have a cabin to call home! This was fun and proves that if we war gamers try our hobby is cheap.

Sorry about the photo quality, today it has decided to be autumnal and is duller outside than inside? I did manage to put one of the two sides to this building in upside down making one window lower than the other but I rolled with it as it adds to the randomness and well, you can't really tell.

The last pic below was taken during the bases rule!

Keep blogging Chaps!


  1. That's a great bit of scotch building - must east more pizza!

  2. Nicely done! It has a real weathered and lived in look.

    1. Thanks AJ I was after that effect...a good excuse to buy some Congo figures I hope