Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Zombie Project

Hi Chaps,

As I was having to pack these figures ready for the impending move I thought I would take some pictures of them together. I would hesitate to call this lot an army but it tops 100 figures and a good number of vehicles so maybe it translates to a small 28 mm traditional army?

The Zeds are all plastic and come from Warlord (much improved on the Wargames Factory models) and from Zombicide. They were fun to paint and I just painted the duplicate models in a different colour scheme to break things up.

The vehicles are pound shop buys or old Corgi's found on car boot sales, the Humvee is from Grubby tanks and was very cheap.

The survivors are Warlord, Airfix and the odd metal figure that seemed to fit in (Empress and Grubby I think). Again the Warlord figures are of much better quality than Wargames Factory. I decided to leave all the figure bases blank/black for this project.

Finally the scratch built houses and scatter terrain....much more are needed.

Thanks for looking, this was a fun project that hopefully will get some game time in the future.

Keep blogging Chaps.


  1. Absolutely brilliant, what a collection you have built up.

    1. Thanks Michael....I have no firm plans for them it just happened as the zeds are so easy to paint