Sunday, 28 August 2016

Secondhand Games Workshop Elves

Hi Chaps,

Today was pretty productive and in the space of a couple of hours I had completed 12 Elves. These have had a hard life and I bought them painted off Ebay for around 50 pence per figure....I am on a tight budget and these (22 in total) figures will help create 3 spear units of 12 figures each.

As my objective is to get enough figures for a small army as cheaply as possible and as quick as possible the paintwork was basic, just one highlight. Still as a unit they look effective, just four more to paint and that will be 36 spears, 10 archers and a female hero. Next on the list are some of the dinosaur riders or the Mantic female types. I am not sure exactly what the Mantic figures are meant to be but they look as though they would fit in.

Keep blogging guys, this hobby can be done on the cheap!


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    1. Thanks Neil, they were cheap and quick, a very fast way to build an army.