Monday, 10 October 2011

Copplestone castings rule!

Hi All,

its been a busy weekend but I still got some painting squeezed in..Copplestone figures are an absolute joy to paint! I may consider joining/starting the Copplestone appreciation society, I ordered the Chinese Bandits and each figure has an  excellent quality which makes it a stand alone character. Chinese army next...or some Yaks??

Alongside the figure painting I have been making some oriental type buildings...some of which I will be able to use almost anywhere. I am gradually learning the art of working with foamboard, it is surprisingly versatile and is a quick way to create terrain. The next technique to master will be rubber moulds for doors and windows, I will still cut the foam but slide in a cast door or window, I hope that this will give a uniform appearance to later buildings.

Years ago I read about how prisoners (the article was interviewing Vietnam veterans) would plan out castles or elaborate buildings in their imagination to escape the awful reality they were in...anyway I will leave the pop psychology alone but it just occured to me.

I have more buildings under constructionand will base them all on a standard size piece of mdf. The only thing holding back my enthusiasm for this period is the small matter of funds though I hope to solve this problem by winning the lottery later this week.

Thanks for looking, most of my inspiration (OK I copy) comes from other blogs which are an endless source of amazement for me, please forgive me if I havent left any comments blogger hates me and just sends me into a loop if I leave a comment.


  1. Copplestone are great miniatures, good work on those and sorry but I'm winning the lottery this week.

  2. Haha...thats OK but can I win it next week then?

  3. Forgive me for asking, but I'm curious as to what's prompted the switch from cheap-as-chips 1/72 plastics to 28mm. You had me pretty much convinced that plastics were the future, and was seriously considering 20mm/1:72 for VBCW.

    You're right though, Copplestone's stuff is great and always seems really easy to paint.

  4. I agree copplestone figures are a joy to paint and yours look great. However I believe it's my turn to win the lottery

  5. Hi are right and I still believe 20mm is the way to go. I have a battalion of British paras for Rapid fire awaiting attention. I think my eyesight isnt what it used to be so I am having a bit of a rest! Having said that a friend of mine has just suggested the AWI in 20mm using the Black Powder rules! His painting is fantastic in 20mm and he has painted Airfix figures!

  6. Great work - very impressive!

  7. I would buy virtually anything Mr Copplestone produces..oh, I do! He has even got me painting 15mm fantasy now and I always said I'd never do 15mm!

    What are your Oriental roofs made from, they look great!

  8. A great job sir.I have never seen copplestone figs before but I am a 20mm nut any way.

    Cheers Rich.