Friday, 14 October 2011

Just spent £30...need to rest...

Hi Chaps,

I have just ordered four boxes of figures and spent nearly £30! I have gone dizzy with this reckless spending but at least I dont think I will need any more figures till next year. I used Transport models in Preston and Hannants for the Emhar artillery sets . I expect delivery will be some time next spray is ready and waiting.

An excellent source for wargaming is The Plastic Soldier Review infact its hard not to be impressed by the sheer amount and diversity now available in plastic 20mm...I do hope they dont mind but I borrowed a couple of pictures to show you chaps what I have ordered...I will remove the pics if I've breached any copyright...just dont send the lads round to snap my brushes!

I am looking forward to deciding the colours to use on all of the above but I am no rivet counter so close is near enough...

Thanks for looking.


  1. Well I'm off to SELWG on Sunday and I hope to spend a little more than you just have, fingers crossed I see some 15mm FIW figures for a stupidly low price.
    Happy painting, when the figs turn up!!

  2. Nice figures but my emhar figs have nasty mould lines, you might need a pin and candle before the spray.

    Cheers Rich.