Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Off to the East!

Hi Chaps,

well the cold sweats and guilt have almost passed...I purchased some of Copplestones Bandits and Bandit command, at a tad over £21.00 inc postage I should'nt be worried. I have a fondness for the east as I lived for a while in Thailand, I cant wait to go back! In the meantime I plan to construct a few buildings...no real reason as I have no plans for an army or a campaign. I found an old photo of a dapper chap probably from the 1890s, it was taken in Hong Kong and is a good primary source for what the man about town was wearing!
Its not often that I suffer from jealousy but the chap who owns this game room is living my dream! I stumbled across this on another blog and I hope that Ray does'nt mind me posting it here...it definatley is the best gamesroom I have seen on the blogosphere so far-well done that man! It gives us mere mortals something to aspire to!

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