Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hat and Emhar order arrives!

Hi Chaps,

I can't believe its nearly 2pm! I have had a day of silence, glueing and sticking! I must say that the quality of both Hat and Emhar is outstanding! The Hat figures are particularily nice, they seem bulkier than usual 1/72nd scale figures which is great as I feel like I am actually painting something people will be able to see.

There are two companies of infantry (One German and one Brit) in the shed based with a coat of matt black and almost all the artillery is built...though it is a bit fiddly as I am no kit builder. It feels good to have a plastic mountain to paint but I dont think it will take too long as 20mm is pretty speedy.

Up to now no one wants the 28mm stuff that kick started my painting so I may put it on ebay...no one want to swap any of them for Contemptable little armies?? It would save me a lot of hassle as I find it hard work...

I have'nt applied any PVA glue to these little fellows...instead I will rely on the primer, paint and varnish to keep them strong-I may use PVA in the next batch though! hat industries are for me the best manufacturer in 20mm...Copplestone the best in 28mm...?


  1. I agree about Copplestone, good luck painting those.

  2. A nice little haul. Cannot wait for updates.

  3. Carl, I emailed you at the address in your blogger profile. I've got a couple of things you might find useful for your WWI project, free, gratis and fer nowt.

    If interested, you know my screen name (DrVesuvius) and I'm at Google Mail dot com, so put 'em together and you've got my email.