Thursday, 13 October 2011

World War One in 20mm...

Hi Chaps,

has anyone gamed the first world war in 20mm? Tomorrow I will be ordering a bucketful (well 4 boxes) of Hat German and British. Contemptable little armies should be simple enough for my son to get a grip of...we have played only a couple of games this year so I want to spend some game time with him...Conrad already likes history so this should all be good.

I have two sprues of Hat 28mm ...Spanish /Norman just please email me your address and I will post them-just not my thing. Also if anyone has any unpainted 20mm first world war figures to swap for around 36 painted Perry medieval plastics (pics on an earlier post) I will swap practically anything. Also the earlier posted Romans are up for the same sort of swap?? Indeed if anyone has the ruleset that would be good as well. My storage space is limited and I cant be bothered with ebay so I hope this way of unloading figures will work.

Sorry no pictures...I will post some over the weekend, a few more Chinese Bandits have been painted and a mummy from an old boardgame...

The advice about painting and scale that I have recieved in comments has been absolutley spot on so thanks chaps-maybe one day I can buy you all a beer...up until then it will have to be an imaginary one over the net!

Have a good weekend.


  1. We've done several WW1 games including and of course

  2. Have done it in 15mm but not 20mm, good luck.

  3. I used to wargame 20mm WW1 all the time. In the garden when I was about twelve! I dug out about 16 feet of trench systems in my parents garden and had about 300 Airfix figures a side plus tanks! My mother dug up a German a couple of months ago when she was weeding!