Sunday, 16 October 2011

Great War Rulesets and jungle roads

I was just wandering around the net looking for reviews on WW1 era rulesets when I chanced upon this... at £10 for the Warhammer version of miniature mayhem I think I have found a winner.

As for primary source material this site takes some beating I really could spend hours looking at the groovy kit that was available to all sides in the Great War. My grandfather Isaac Hendrickson won the military cross for retrieving wounded during some battle or other-I have never seen the medal but I really should try and get a copy of the write up about this incident.

Oh well hope your all having a great weekend, I have just sat down-I never realised just how many hours of house work are required to keep a house running! My son and I have been alone now for 3 years and I think we are just now establishing a routine and keeping our heads above water so if you chaps have a better half out there go give them a hug because they probably do more work than you realise!! Anyway I was looking at some old photos...
The pic is my son (taken a few years ago), the Thai house can be seen in the background-he is actually on the main road running passed our house though now its all high tech and the road is concrete which makes for interesting driving (and walking) when it rains. Maybe a handy reference for any terrain builders of AK47 games or Vietnam?

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