Tuesday, 26 March 2013

20mm Painting Inspiration

I spent a few hours last night having a look around at what can be done with 20mm as a scale. It was both inspiring but also rather sobering when I look at what I have been producing! I will definatley up my game in the next few weeks, in the meantime why not treat yourself to some figure porn in 20mm?

Rob H

Tutorial by Martello

Tips (Min wax is interesting)

Essential reading

I know that you have all probably seen these sites before but some of the information maybe of use....just hide your bank card before going on the Plastic Soldier Review site!

Thanks for looking and have an excellent day. Spot the chaps who had a hangover when this pic was taken....even smiling hurt!


  1. That "Min Wax" stuff is essentially the same idea as the Army Painter stuff I use - stain and varnish in one. I swear by it, but then I'm only interested in "wargame quality" paintjobs rather than anything "gosh-wow" inducing. Most UK DIY stores have equivalent wood finish stain & varnish products, but though I've tried a few, I've yet to find one that gives me as good a result as the Army Painter product. But for a quarter of the price it might be worth a compromise.

  2. I have never tried the army painter stuff but given how long it takes to paint a 28mm army I am going to give it a go.I just need someone to release a plastic figure range for dummies! All of them are far too complex at the moment.