Monday, 25 March 2013

20mm Test Figures


well last night I tried to paint 20mm again. My aging eyes are booked in for an eye test so these were painted under a handy table standing magnifying glass! Very steampunk...I want a Victorian looking one!

I have lowered my expectations of 20 mil, this compromise will allow me to actually get a game in now and then. Now I just need a supplier of resin vehicles in 20mm based in the UK, any ideas? I have seen these chaps online but worryingly there are no prices!

The model of a car with figures shooting from it is an amazing piece of art...a middle eastern drive by!

I apologise for the dullness of the pictures but they were taken in a rush, it is going to be pretty easy to assemble forces in this scale if the right vehicles can be found...I prefer not to do kits.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi. Nice figures. I particular enjoy the prone troop and the basing for this figure. Good work.

  2. I like the guy with the pistol. For some reason he's got a real "Durka-durka" look to him.

    I got the price list from S&S last year when I was looking at 28mm vehicles. In 20mm, they're listing different models of Technical at £7.50-£9.50, a BMP-1 as £10 and the biggest AFVs at £11-13. The price list was from about this time last year, so it's possible they may have gone up. Not too bad, but in 20mm kits and/or converted toys would work out a lot cheaper.

  3. Thanks both! The quality is good but to get started I may go for a cheaper option...if it becomes a passion then the vehicles will be on my wish list. It seems strange for a website not to have prices on it....sort of defeats the object??

  4. I have looked at S&S models before. I bought some figs from them... just Email Shaun and he'll send you the price list.

  5. Thanks Gowan I will try the email thing. The models really look 20mm the vehicles are just right for gaming but the figures lack the clarity of 28mm, it is a trade off I suppose.


    Try here too- interesting little range.

    1. I know he is in Ireland but I've got stuff from him to the UK with no trouble what so ever.



  7. Thanks for the link Pete...that is an interesting company, saved to my favourites for future use!