Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ceasar 20mm US figures

A pleasant little package dropped through the letterbox this morning. Trains and Transport of Preston sent me in very quick manner some Ceasar figures that I had ordered only the day before. As for the figures I am just blown away with the quality of sculpting and the neatness of the casts-I only hope that my aging eyes will be able to paint them!

As for the paint I may just wing it and use what I have to hand though I did buy a tube of acrylic "Sand" which when I look at it in a good light may not be exactly right...I will fudge it. So for £6.00 my son and I will have enough figures for a small game over the Easter weekend, in the future the games will get more ambitious.

I would appreciate some advice chaps,

  • Can any one recommend a cheap supplier of modern resin vehicles in 1/72 please?
  • A simple ruleset? Is force on force any good ?
Thanks in advance...I have not got the patience for kit making....


  1. They are not bad rules, Carl; but I now use Chain Reaction, by Two Hour Wargames. Great rules - solo or multiplayer, dynamic and unpredictable; I don't bother with anything else now, you can have small games - a few figures, or platoon level stuff. Oh, and they're free, too ;)

  2. Hi Carl, Like you I'm a 1/72 plastic wargamer an a great admrer of Ceasar figures (that shop in Preston is good I've had stufffrm them PDQ). I'm also a great fan of two hour wargame rules, not tried 'Chain Reaction', but there was a free download taster on the website. I am a fan of the ATZ series. For others try there are plenty of rule sets there. Failing that I have a couple of sets for VBCW, one a freebie I downloaded and one I wrote myself. Old shool and both very similar and could easily be adapted (email me, address on blogsite).

  3. Thanks Irqan, I will certainly have a look at your link. I am a fan of "At close Quarters" by Chris Peers but I left my copy in Thailand! I may track a copy down-but not before I have checked out the free ones first.

  4. They look quite nice, look forward to seeing them painted up :D

  5. well I don't know if you got Chain Reaction 3 from 2 hour war games but after I saw others here get it I decided I would. can't wait to see what you do with those US soldiers. I have that set its very nice, and as with nearly all Caesar sets its great (get the SAS set that's good also)