Saturday, 23 March 2013

Zvezda go modern?

Hi Chaps,

hope that your week went well? As you can see I am posting at 11PM on a Saturday night so I must be single! (Actually I do have a girlfriend and I hope to put her pic on here soon to prove that I am not a nerd). Anyway I digress. Zvezda may be producing a series of modern 15mm models....this really grabs my attention as I like to paint modern stuff but cannot really justify the cost of metal in this scale. Have a look at this....

Hope our Saturday was better than mine chaps! Still I am a big boy and can stay up late gluing more Perry crossbowmen together! Have a good Sunday.


  1. What's worse? Posting at 11pm or reading and commenting at 11:30pm!

    Oddly, the figures have never been the problem for me, it's the vehicles at 15mm that cost a lot!

  2. aw no 1/72 moderns... ah well at least Caesar does them.

    would be interesting though, actually I guess if they are going to do 15mm moderns they may produce some in 1/72 scale also. we need some more especially for the Russians/soviets.

  3. Vladd...a very comiv reply-brothers in miniature I think! As for 1/72 scale Gowan you will be pleased to hear that they are doing this scale as well! Just like their WW2 range, though I believe its the early cold war stuff first.
    The BTR 60 (?) is the best looking vehicle ever made! I will buy some of these no matter what the scale.
    Thanks for looking Chaps

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I shall look into this. Cheers Clint

  5. Isn't 15mm armour and 20mm figures a bit weird though?

  6. Yes a strange combination! I hope they do 20mm vehicles as well...