Sunday, 24 March 2013

20mm Plastics to the rescue!

I wonder if this would work? Given that Zvezda are releasing some 20mm moderns this could be a good way to get some games in with my son...just need to sell some figures to release the funds!


  1. Yay moderns! Certainly modern gaming is fun... it opens up many possibilities in scenarios, situations, conflicts,etc. and as an added bonus its very attractive to kids... and adults.

  2. I agree Gowan, being plastic also makes it cheap! My son will be able to recognise buildings from Black Ops 2! It will be nice to explain to him that the "shoot em up" bit is the smallest part of an operation...bring on the maps!

    1. feel free to use Oronegro as a base of op operations... if it brings a new member into the hobby it does not matter if you use it. ;-D its got plenty of room for any scenario.... and I have set up plenty of room for a US/soviet fight there.

      whatever you do however I am really excited to see it.

  3. Thanks Gowan, I will have a look at Oronegro! It will be a useful source.