Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A slow March (if you know what I mean)

Hi All,

I don't know what happened this month...I blame the Perry detail and white undercoat. Finally the Burgundians seem to be almost there but it has taken some big "man sighs" to get back to the painting table, only 9 crossbowmen to glue together! I was going to sell them but if I live long enough I may build an army they can fight against....second thought where is my camera? In all seriousness I think that these figures are too detailed. Excellent proportions and excellnt craftsmanship (the Perry twins are true artists) but I just don't have the time or the eye power to do these justice....which leaves me feeling like a cheat!

It seems I have a roving eye (as do most men) and cannot stick for too long with one woman...sorry project (wishful thinking),. Empire of the Dead looks good as do the new Osprey Rules

I am still making masters for a few buildings to cram on a 2 foot square board. In the meantime I have an almost full modern African town...just saving to buy some technicals and more figures. I will post a pic of my township shortly....

Today I began looking for a game I could play with my son, Bloodbowl or Space Hulk or Space Crusade-have you seen the prices!!!! Oh Lordy, will stick to the (relativley) inexpensive miniatures.

Thanks for looking.

By the way I will be damned if I know where the pony and Dwarves and the pony came from but my son and I watched "The Hobbit" so Dwarves are now cool.


  1. Fantastic stuff there. Really like the 3-figures-per-base look you've got going on. Are they on square bases or wider?

  2. Hi Vladdd, four figures seemed cramped, especially the archers so I put them on a 40mm frontage and a 45mm depth. The pikemen look a little spaced but 4 archers looked silly as they were too close. Thanks for looking!

  3. Chipping away at the plastic pile is fine, and going on to other projects keeps things fresh. BTW i think the Perrys looks good, i deliberatly miss some of the details to keep moving along.

  4. They look great but I know what you mean about Perry figures being too detailed, I'm struggling with my Prussians at present!

  5. Are the Prussians easy to assemble Legatus? The gluing and sticking is fairly time consuming in itself. If I ever meet the Perries I may tactfully suggest a series of simpler never know.

  6. The Prussians are one piece figures with separate back backs. Not like Victrix which are a nightmare!

  7. Thats good to know...maybe the Perries will listen too reason and dumb down their future ranges? I would love to have large armies but the logistical nightmare of assembly and painting detail is sort of making the plastics not worth bothering with! My dream plastic figure would be a Copplestone casting in one piece...or a Renegade.