Friday, 24 January 2014

Back when Games Workshop was cool!

Hi Chaps,

there has been a few days delay with this post because my router snuffed it and I had to buy a replacement....and then wait for it to arrive. Still on the bright side I have super fast broadband now!

Is anyone old enough to remember when GW was cool? I have their early rule sets including the first Warhammer 40 000 which is actually a very good game. Everything changes though, a recent visit to their shop in Preston was a revelation...all the paints have changed names again and the prices are just a joke....such a pity as this was once a good company.

It seems that this may be a year for experimenting with rules, IHMN are excellent fun but Force on Force is a total let down. Buckets of strange dice and the initiative changes make me dizzy. Also where does one buy all the good 1/72 stuff from?

World aflame is interesting and I may use it for some Back of Beyond games, it struck me as old scool in the record keeping department, not as good as Contemptible Little Armies though.

For inspiration if you can get hold of White Dwarf 360 (December 2009) there is an article entitled "Old War Stories". For me this article really captures what war gaming is an army evolves and why certain characters and units develop the way that they do. In fact I was so inspired by re reading this that I went straight to games workshop to buy some figures. Only to come straight back out again when I saw the prices!

Keep blogging Chaps, I missed you all!


  1. I persevering with GW Lord of the Rings (although I am now discovering that many of the figures are out of production) but although I did buy some Warhammer and even 40K the figures became out of date before I had a chance to paint them! Sold them all on eBay now!

  2. Ah the days of GW where things was cool and fun! Thinking about IHMN and Ronin both look like they are getting very positive feedback.

  3. Hi Chaps,
    seems people have very similar experiences of GW. I would recommend IHMN to anyone, very good fun indeed and you can use any figures that you happen to have.

  4. I remember when GW was one shop in Dalling Road in Hammersmith. That's when they were really cool! And that makes me pretty old too:)
    I also had the original version of Reaper rules by Richard Halliwell & Rick Priestley. To my mind they were better than the first version of Warhammer which was too restrictive.
    As for current rules, I do like Mayhem by Bombshell Games which allows the wargamer to creative in designing his/her armies once more.

  5. I go back to WD no17. I was young and with a whole life ahead of me and GW were cool. Personally I don't think they have done much worthwhile since Necromunda! Just my 2CP.

    Force on Force takes a while to get used to but it does work well when you get your head around the concept. But like all wargames it is a matter of taste. I don't think anyone will still be playing it in 5 years time though.

  6. I go back to when there were only a couple of shops in London, the one I remember going to was in a small street off Oxford St. Pokey shop, but GW was more fun... back before they attempted to take over the world. We tended to use our own house rule variants, more fun! With you Clint, after Necromunda and Gorkamorka they just seemed to regurgitate. Anyone else pick up Lost Patrol, thats a good solo game.

    Enjoyed IHMN, nice and simple to play.

    1. I suspect the shop you talk about was "Elyssium Games" And that was a great shop.

  7. Nice to hear your comments...seems we are gamers "of a certain age" here! We also seem to have a similar opinion on GW. Thanks for the feedback its reassuring to know one is not alone.

  8. I am probably in a minority that thinks that WH:40,000 RT and 2nd edition are over-rated in hindsight; I preferred the 3rd edition to 5th edition rules.

    But that said, GW have some great games in their history: original Space Hulk; Blood Bowl (2nd edition onward); Epic; Manowar; Chainsaw Warrior.

    Still GW are what they are; I have moved on and they have moved on in their own way as well.

    On Force on Force - not a big fan here either. Not my type of game really, but have tried it and will probably play again.

  9. You are right about the classic games...Spachulk! I live for the day I can justify spending #200 on a tabletop game....I still want it!

  10. Ah those where the days 2nd ed Warhammer the great supplement books Orcsdrift and all that. I have many LOTR figures and loved that game too. Might I suggest picking up 2 hour wargames reaction system it has very strong solo play and plug-ins for many periods. You get the 1/72 goodness from the internet did a quick search found this place

  11. I keep saying it; give Two Hour Wargames a look; their free Chain Reaction rules, once grasped (not long) are, IMHO probably the best skirmish rules out there. Adaptable, flexible and solo-orientated, they give an unpredictable and challenging game every time ;)

  12. I will download the 2 hour wargame system....a lot of people recommend these so they must be good. Looking at emodels now....there are some incredible modollers out there