Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tripod acquired...more light needed!

Hi Chaps,

Well upon advice I have acquired a tripod and used the timer to take pictures on my camera....only to find that I definitely need more light. Even after playing with the photo on BeFunky these snaps are too dark for use. Never mind...I will provide more pictures as I wrestle with this process. My camera is a humble Canon Powershot A490, 10Mega Pixels.....

Its strange because I could swear that the background was white when I took the photo! LOL. Photographing miniatures indoors is the work of the devil!


  1. For the lighting issue, a couple of cheap desk lamps with daylight bulbs fitted is probably all you need. Depending on how much space you have for photography, a light box or light tent may help if the lighting is too strong as it will diffuse the light.

    If your white background is coming out yellow, that is probably an effect of your current lighting. You may be able to adjust your camera settings to offset that.

    1. Yes, see if you camera has white-balance options - normal home lighting often gives everything a yellow tint in photos.

  2. I was about to chime in about daylight bulbs, but you are well covered by the comment above!

  3. You are using incandescent lights that's why its yellow florescent light will give you blue or green. Artist lights like the one i use for painting have day light bulbs so if you have any you can use them.

  4. Thanks Lads!
    That is really useful. I will have to try the daylight bulbs. You Chaps obviously know your stuff...its a bit unnerving! You seem to be the Holmes of the digital photography world.
    Daylight bulbs on the list for tomorrow.

  5. As well as the daylight bulbs check if your camera will allow you to reset the White Balance. Most digitals do. Basically you stick a piece of white paper in front of your lights, point the camera at it and press the white balance button. The camera then knows what white looks like under your chosen lights and adjusts all the other colours accordingly. Grab the instruction manual and seen if your camera has one - made the world of difference to my photography when I discovered it on my camera. More even than daylight bulbs.

  6. TWD Thanks for that! I will certainly give that a try.