Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Britannia Miniatures order arrives! (Excellent Service).

Hi Chaps,

Happy start to the year, my order for some Britannia miniatures via Grubby Tanks arrived today. Not only was the order super quick but Mr Grubby included some extra figures "thrown in for good measure". This was a much appreciated gesture and Mr Grubby deserves thanks and recognition for his good service.

The figures themselves are just what I remember, well cast and with plenty of character, the fellows wearing sunglasses will really make a difference to my modern Africans, as will the amazing technical.

Pictures to be posted soon, I expect to finish the first few later this week.

Keep Blogging.


  1. I have always had good service from Grubby Tanks as well. And the extra figures have always been relevant to what I am currently ordering as well. And Like you I must say they are a very welcome addition.

  2. I love hearing of good service within the hobby, great news.

  3. Britannia Miniatures and especially Dave Howitt were always my first port of call back in the day. I love "Take Cover" and I also still refer to the manual he wrote to accompany the ruleset. As an ex squaddie I chatted with Dave many many times.
    I am sure that Dave would be happy with the service Grubby is providing. Military efficiency at its best.

  4. Great service is always nice to hear about.

  5. Great stuff! Love Britannia's products ;)