Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Which is the best camera?

Hi Chaps,

I am thinking of blowing around #100 on a camera so that I can primarily take better photo's of my minis. For this price I have the choice of a few of the "Bridge" type cameras that have a super zoom and some decent features. Can the shutter time on these cameras be altered?

Any advice would be welcome as I really need to work on this to feed my blog with better pictures of my toys!


  1. Do you mean shutter speed or time-delay between the click and the image capture? You can probably find cameras with both for around that price.

    I use a Fuji Finepix Z for all my photography. I did buy a better camera about 2 years ago, but I only used it a few times as it was far too complicated for my needs.

  2. I use a Lumix which has good close up feature. Bit more than a£100, though. The Nikon Coolpix range is very good.

  3. I have a bridge camera I use for some of my macro stuff - most of the photography revolves around getting the lighting right, and the camera pretty much looks after itself. A tripod or some other support helps too - you can take the pictures on a timer, to avoid shake from pressing the button.

    But to be honest, 90% of the pictures on my blog are done with my iPhone.

  4. Thanks for the tips Chaps...I am pretty astonished that an Iphone could be so good Mr Kobold! I will look at the Fuji Z and the Coolpix. I am determined that this aspect of my hobby will improve this year though.

    Thanks gain.

  5. No real need for an expensive camera, just get a cheap tripod and use the timer... if the camera doesn't move or shake when the picture is taken, that's good enough for any blog (and maybe a sheet of white paper to get some more light)

  6. I've been amazed at how well my old Sony Cybershot performs. My biggest challenges are light and steady hand. A tripod would certainly help me, but at the cost of being a bit of an impost to carry around. At 5 megapixels it is more than enough for posting, but I do like the picture size as it allows for good cutting and cropping (the final "zoom"). I also find being able to move around in a big picture is really good for looking at battle action shots. If it comes to replacing my camera I will probably try using my phone first.

    1. There's tripods and there's other tripods :-)
      I've bought a very small tripod that folds up to about the size of my hand (and I have freakishly small hands for a man) for about 10 euro in one of those big electro/multimedia stores (Mediamarkt) Ideal to use on a wargames table

  7. I use and old cheap cannon the cannon equivalent to the Coolpix, the camera isn't important at all. Spend your money on a pair of decent lights or light box and a tripod and your pictures will improve 100%. I use this tripod http://joby.com/gorillapod/original/

  8. Thanks for the advice, I will certainly try a tripod and use the timer...and improve the lighting. Thanks again thats an experiment for this evening!