Saturday, 4 January 2014

Blogger problem...ahh chrome

Hi Chaps,

Thanks for the intel! Reinstalled windows and then Chrome and now I can type freely with err two fingers. I have no idea what happened to Blogger earlier but I forgive her now.

I have to admit to being extremely lazy and distracted this year...real life has been crap actually since my wife and son died 6 years ago but I lostill love reading how people scratch build things. Its a strange tangent that this hobby has sent me on (I also like to see peoples painting stations), so here are a few pics that I saved from a blog. If the owner can let himself be known I will put a link up....this work really is (for me) what wargaming is all about.

This Chap is good! Sorry I don't remember his website but this is inspirational to me and I hope to some of you Chaps. 2014, I hope it is a good one for all of us.

Keep blogging.


  1. That is inspirational. Will we get to see your painting station?

  2. That is inspiring workmanship. Scratch building terrain is my kryptonite!

  3. Ah my painting station is as yet unused this the process of being moved. I will shorty put a pic up of it in its new position.