Monday, 6 January 2014

New year, new computer.

Hi All,

well my old computer bit the dust at the weekend. I finally tired of forever re installing XP so I went out and bought a reconditioned Dell with windows XP professional...well I cant be expected to adapt too quickly! If this machine lasts half as long as my last I will be happy, after I have completed this little entry I will scavenge  the RAM out of dead computer to plop into this-Star Wars style.

Good to catch up on what you lads have been up to over the last few days-I was climbing the walls without my blog fix.

Keep Blogging.


  1. Nothing worse when you compute fails on you

  2. Had the same problem with my laptop just before Christmas and ended up rushing out to get a new one as I needed it in a hurry.
    The new laptop came with Windows 8 - hate it! :(

  3. I know what you mean I bit the bullet and installed windows 7 last year. Its not bad but sometimes I miss the old XP.

  4. My computer is full up and is getting slower and slower! I might have to get a new one but don't want Windows 8!

  5. Haha we are addicts to wargaming blogs! Maybe there is a self help group out there somewhere?