Wednesday, 19 January 2011

15mm Crossbows

Well this is the last of my unpainted figures which maybe just as well given how awkward I found them to paint! Come on Renegade I know its only day 12 but you would'nt want to see me sat without a project would you? Actually renagade just relax, no pressure with the price you charge I should be more patient.
Without any further ado here are 3 crossbowmen and a very rubbery Turk from Hat...I would be tempted with more of HATs products if they would hold paint-does anyone use them? Does anyone know howto toughen these little suckers up? The HAT artillery is superb...oh well.


  1. In my humble opinion the paint job on the Turk is very nice - the figure/sculpt however, is horrible...

  2. Thanks Steve, the casting was plain but it was its weakness which worries me. Im afraid that if I even breathe near it the paint will just fall off.
    Thanks again.