Friday, 7 January 2011

Renegade Miniatures rock!

Hi, just put in an order for a WW1 regiment and command from Renegade miniatures. 10.55am on 7th January...wonder how long it will be before they arrive? I have always liked Renegade miniatures, they are easy to paint, a good size and best of all cheap! At a tad under £25 these figures are very good value, 3 HMGs, 16 infantry and a pack of 8 command...add this to the odds I have now and its starting to look like an army! Useful not only for the first world war but at a push they could be part of a Back of Beyond force...ah happy times!


  1. I love Renegade WW1 too but their postal times can leave something to be desired!

    I don't know if there is a backlog because of the snow but even Foundry is slow at present!

  2. I hope that they arrive sooner rather than later-this is an odd hobby when you consider the hit and miss nature of customer service.