Monday, 17 January 2011

Ever Victorious armies, by Chris Peers anyone?

I was wondering if anyone has used this ruleset, I used to use it a lot but I think it is now collecting dust at my inlaws in Thailand-or I lent it out! Either way I need to acquire another copy of this Chris Peers classic ruleset...I can either buy it or swap an as new copy of Rapid Fire for it. I have tried all the usual traders but to no avail which is odd because these are a really useful set and I cant be the only person other than Mr Peers who likes them can I?
I have painted a few models over the last week Renegade you cause me pain with your absence!), these really are the bottom of my now empty spares box. First up the Renegade artillery and crew which now just need their bases finishing and lastly a wargames factory (?) ancient brit and a one legged pirate...If it was a one legged gold digger Paul McCartney would be emailing me like a shot!
Oh well I hope the postie arrives with good news tomorrow, I have been taking pics of Chitra to plaster my blog with if the painting stops entirely! Oh and I almost forgot ordering either Hat 28mm El Cid or wargames factory Zulus...will decide over a cup of tea tonight...

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