Friday, 21 January 2011

Repainted and rebased some Artillery

As the Renegade order has still not arrived I took this opportunity to repaint and rebase some old artillery pieces. I think they are Hinchcliffe and they are over 20 years goodness that makess me feel so ancient. Anyway I thought they might come in handy for colonial games even though they started life as an artillery battery for the Royalists! Waste not want not as the really irritating Victorian saying goes.
My pictures lately havent been up to much but better weather and lighting may allow me to take a picture of a game or two.
My project for this evening is rather different, I have had a toy car in my bits box for nearly 5 years and I intend to alter it drastically for a Back of Beyond adventure. Quite when I will afford the figures to go with it is another matter but I am an optimist and I expect a large lottery win any day now. Any suggestions or links to a similar project would be of immense help, it will be a bonus if I keep all my digits after messing with power tools.


  1. Its well worth revisiting old work.They are looking good.

    Cheers Rich

  2. Thanks Rich,
    the credit crunch is causing me to look again at boxes of abandoned old figures.