Saturday, 29 January 2011

1/72nd American plastic...oh my

A complete lack of figures to paint has forced my hand! £5.99 omn a box of little men that turned out to be rubbery and greasy-maybe I should have just paid another £15 and gone for quality 28mm... I have a problem-how the hell to paint these flexible little chaps?
I remember buying some Soviet WW2 infantry and the plastic was very hard and the figures very "full", these chaps are anorexic floppy bitches in comparison....oh well it looks like PVA glue coating before matt black.....will keep you posted.
Thanks and have a good Saturday night.


  1. Another annoying thing is that the matching British modern infantry are so small they appear to be in a different scale! I painted some once and they looked much better painted. Good luck with all that camo!

  2. An intresting set!!!The Brits are a great match in scale for the JB Airfix stuff.
    Look forward to seeing them finished mate.

    Cheers Rich

  3. Thanks for the comments chaps...just washed and based them. I may try a simple desert cammo.