Thursday, 6 January 2011

Random pics of past work

Hi, its a cause of celebration-blue sky! To make the most of this event (almost as rare as a solar eclipse here in Cumbria) I grabbed some old figures and pointed a camera at them. The pics are'nt great but at least I've got something to plop on here. By the way if anyone ever wants to swap some of my painted stuff for your unpainted...drop me a line. Fleabay has taken enough of my hard earned to bother with them any more, it always seems that my stuff goes for 99p unless I put a reserve on it!
I have a soft spot for the science fiction figures-they were the last figures my wife bought me before she died...
Anyway on a lighter note it was fun to paint the 6mm stuff but its just not my bag-so they will have to go as I have very limited space.

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