Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Old Rulesets.

Being a solo wargamer (that is if I actually game at all) I prefer simple rule mechanisms that actually allow me to complete a game without feeling that I've run a marathon. Anyone remember WRG 7th edition!? So travelling along this line of thought I began to think of rulesets that were important to me on my solo journey. Heres a brief list-most of the rules have been superceded by more modern thought but at the time these were groundbreaking.

1) DBA. The king of solo rulesets, cheap and complete with army lists.
2) Rapid Fire, the best modern set for WW2 and especially useful to the financially challenged gamer who can build his armies in 20mm plastic.
3) Operation Warboard, amazing groundbreaking set-I used this till the book fell apart!
4) PSL Guide to wargaming, what an excellent book this was!
5) Black powder, wargaming excellence.
6) Contemptable Little Armies, written by the scribe to the wargaming gods himself Chris Peers.
7) Ever Victorious Armies, if you find a copy buy it! I left mine in Thailand....
8) WRG 5th Edition...the last playable set from RG till DBA arrived.
9) Irregular miniatures Napoleonic rules for 6mm. these come in a box and are printed on coloured index cards-they actually work very well!
10) Fire and Fury, played this a few times and they worked well.

So there you have it 1685-1845 should get an honourable mention-what did you chaps use? I shall be delving into Black Powder this year at some point...the Sudan looks good and cheap-if we get plastic tribesman....

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