Saturday, 8 January 2011

More midnight madness Ral Patha Retro style!

Well another night without sleep and another night scratching around trying to find something to paint. Last nights victim has been on my unpainted pile for a whopping 13 years! Its a Ral Patha viking giant from 1997...god knows why I bought him....anyway he was duly undercoated black and painted.
Its very wierd painting such a dated figure...a bit like vintage porn! What was once really interesting has become dated and about as fashionable as a powdered wig....I've done it but wont be doing it again. I hope that the Renegade order arrives next week to spare me from more dubious models.

My painting station needs a tidy up and scouring...not as much to remove dirt but to rid it of the memory of some of the awful castings it has been home to recently.

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