Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dixon miniatures saved me....

In one last desperate rummage around I found a handful (posse?) of old Dixon miniature mexicans-and they got painted! They are still a work in progress as the bases are not finished. In the background are two old of which has the start of a gaudy paint job so that I can use it in Darkest Africa or Back of Beyond games....just need to base the crews seperatley.
A mention in despatches must go to Arcane scenery...I ordered from them using ebay, just a packet of round bases and they turned up today-thats less than 24 hours which is pretty damn amazing. Needless to say renegade are still awol with their order but its only two weeks tomorrow so I'm not unduly worried yet. I've included a photo of the drunken Mexicans...
Sorry about the quality I will search out some better pictures as my painting desk has starred in far too many posts recently.

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