Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Unknown figures and my bases arrive.

Earlier I started to trawl through "the box" that ever wargamer of a certain age will have. Its the one full of tins of old enamel paint (why did we keep them) and of unpainted figures whose origin is probably forgotten! Amongst various bits of scrap card (kept for scratch building that never seems to happen) I found 22 archers which maybe Assyrian? Persian? I dont know what they are or who made them so if anyone could inform me it would solve a mystery-hey if anyone in the UK wants them I will post them to you!
Also my bases arrived-not a big deal to most but East Riding Miniatures deserve a mention in despatches for their usual good service. This actually means that I can base 12 figures on each of the larger need to acquire a Black powder army to practise my basing technique! One base for a small battalion, two for a normal sized unit and three for a large one! Cheap and cheerful if I could decide a period....another pleasant problem.

Lastly I have added a pic from my bedroon rabbits to take for the pot yet...anyone got an old airgun doing nothing? I have a growing collection of the things!


  1. They look like Minifgs to me??? What are the codes on the bottom - might be worth a google?

  2. Thats a good point! Looked at a few and they seemed to be blank-you are welcome to them if you could use them as I will never paint them.

  3. Not not my period but thanks - was just thinking it might help your advertising.. I'd put them on eBay to be honest - they'll sell...

  4. I will try and give them-ebay charges too much...and the figures are dated anyway!