Friday, 14 January 2011

Hat 28mm What is it like?

It seems odd (due to the amount of time I spend looking at miniature figures) that I have never considered Hat in 28mm. It could be the rubbery artillery that put me off them...that was a wierd experience! Anyway I was trawling fleabay when I chanced upon the hard plastic 28mm offerings from this company. At around £12 for 32 figures these things have to be seriously the poor gamer anyway! Has anyone any experience of painting these little characters?
What armies could one build? Just the ElCid gig or can they be veratile? Anyway next week I shall throw caution to the wind and buy a couple of boxes! 62 28mm figures to paint....thats a DBA army at least? Help would be appreciated.
I am sure that lots of knowledgeable people may drop by here so does anyone know what this next picture is? It looks like a gorget? Is it military? Boars tusk or one here knows...


  1. I have no personal experience with them (not a fan of the plastics), but a friend of mine was using some the Hät 28mm El Cid stuff to to make Norman and Anglo-Danish/Saxon armies:

    Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog

    Another friend has managed to paint up their napoleonics to look very pretty:

    Hour of Wolves

  2. Hi
    thanks for the links, I follow both sites but had missed the links that yu had sent. Yes the figures look superb! I will be building DBA armies the same as Bob...also found some on the net for sale at £7.50 a box so even cheaper than 15mm.
    Thanks again