Thursday, 10 January 2013

Damn camera!

Hi Chaps,

had time to check out my camera...I have shredded the plastic gears which open the zoom camera to be bought. Keeping this unplanned expense in mind I am watching the pennies even more than usual, instead of buying "At close quarters" would anyone like to swap a copy for a very good copy of Rapid Fire second edition. I am after the second edition of Close Quarters....this may save me some funds to replace said camera...

Earlier this week I bought a fancy table light from Asda and although I haven't painted a miniature yet I have been throwing up some houses. I am hoping they will be useful for Asian, Africa and the Middle East. I am definatley new to the miniature building trade but practice is helping me improve with each model. So far I have four almost ready and at least two more on the way....typical...I have something to take a picture of but no camera.

keep blogging chaps it fills my empty nights!


  1. I for one will look forward to seeing them when you get a new camera.

  2. Thanks...just read how to make sandbags so at least one building will now be a strong point or police station!...(still kicking myself for killing my camera!)

  3. doh bummer about the camera look forward to seeing the building though at some point.

  4. The camera was my fault...went for a walk taking pics of the sunrise and mist...put it in my pocket and shredded the gears...I felt it happen! Oh well I hope to develop my IQ over the next few years and maybe hit double figures!!