Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all

Hope you had a good holiday? Things here in the frozen (OK wet) wastes of Cumbria are starting once again. A friend just popped by to show me his 28mm English civil war plastics which are amazing....he also lent me a copy of the rulebook (Black Powder type of thing) but i have not had chance to look at it yet.

I may plop some 15mm AK47 figures on ebay later this week to fund the purchase of some modern 28mm (its an age thing I cant see 15mm!). In the meantime I have been butchering some Corgi Land Rovers to repaint them in drab green.

Bought at a car boot last year these models are 1/48th scale I think so a little large but if your figure is on a base no one will notice. The mud was free! I have kept the windows clear but maybe I should have sprayed them black as well? What would you chaps do?

Anyway my brick buildings are almost complete and I have started a few more for practice only. When things are more settled I would like to complete a full board, if you need inspiration for anything modern or sci fi I recommend "Black Ops 2" son plays it all the time and I sit sketching the buildings.

Have a good New Year.


  1. Sounds good look forward to seeing what you do with the Land Rovers.

  2. Sky blue with sliver feathering for the windsceens?

  3. Do what Paul has suggested. I would apply the paint to the inside of the windows.

  4. I'd keep the windows clear but maybe put on some "mud" (except maybe the windscreen wiper arc)if you don't want the interior to show.

  5. Thanks Chaps, painting commencing tomorrow.